Parrot Unveils 13 New Minidrones That Jump And Glide For Under $189

Parrot unveiled 13 new minidrones this week, all for under $189.

The terrestrial “Jumping” drone got a major upgrade, with LED lights for nighttime driving, an internal 4GB memory to record video, and a “boost mode” that brings its top speed to 8mph.

The new “Airborne” quadcopter now has LED lights as well, in addition to an optional LEGO attachment platform for kids. Mike Perez, VP of Sales for Parrot, tells me that Parrot has partnered with children’s coding platforms Tynker and Tickle so that teachers can incorporate the minidrones into their STEM curriculum.

The “Hydrofoil” is a flying drone, attached to a hydrofoil platform, that glides across the water at up to 6mph. Admittedly, we had quite a hard time controlling this one, and spent most of our time running into one side of the pool.

Check out the video above to see the minidrones in action.

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