Jumptuit Makes Sure All Your Content Are Belongs To You

Do you ever find yourself searching for a specific photo or song, only to realize it’s either stuck on a different device or hidden away in one of your many cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive?

Launching today, Jumptuit is an app that will give users a single access point for accessing content across all of their devices and storage services. The app, which is available on desktop, mobile, and TV platforms, will be able to connect to more than 15 different cloud services ranging from Amazon Cloud Drive and Box to Spotify and Vimeo.

Here’s how Jumptuit works: First, you install the app on each of your devices and give it permission to access your favorite cloud services. After this initial setup, content from each device or service is accessible on all other connected devices.

For example, you could use Jumptuit’s smart TV app to view photos stored on both your iPhone and your Dropbox photo gallery. Even though these images are coming from different locations, the software will allow you to seamlessly scroll through the photos as if they were stored locally on your TV. This same concept applies to songs, videos, and documents.

Jumpsuit can also act as a file manager by providing an easy way for users to copy or transfer media between cloud services. For example, if you are running low on space in your Dropbox you can use the app to transfer photos to Flickr or another photo service.

Additionally, the service has a built-in search feature, which allows you to search by file name and get results across all devices and could services.

The company was started by Don Leka, who was responsible for creating Glide OS, one of the first online operating systems and a precursor to the Jumptuit service.

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