Deskdoo Gives You A Virtual Desktop For All Your Business Needs

The vision of a virtual desktop right in your browser has long danced in the heads of IT administrators and most solutions were interesting but underpowered. Now thanks to HTML5, however, it’s a lot easier to recreate a desktop experience in the browser, as Deskdoo proves.

Poland-based Deskdoo gives you and your employees a sort of central repository for almost anything. You can create Microsoft Office compatible documents on the fly, create ToDo lists, and even take notes. You can create multiple desktops for multiple departments and you can even store your personal files in a separate area. The project was created by Adam Adamczyk and Dawid Krawczykiewicz.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.53.53 PM

I could definitely see something like being used at a small IT shop. Creating a set of virtual desktops for remote employees could be more secure and easier to manage than a bunch of laptops or PCs and by keeping everything in one place you can prevent data loss.

“It is a complete environment ready to work without installing anything on computer or tablet. In the system we integrated the latest cloud computing technologies and services offered by external vendors (like Google),” said Adamczyk. “It is the first in the world full working cloud operating virtual system that integrates several build-in applications selected for improving employees’ efficiency.”

Interestingly, the Google tools the system uses make it far more interesting – making it a sort of shell for Google that is very unique. While I’m not sure I enjoy the desktop metaphor in the browser, I could definitely seeing this tool replacing someone’s janky IT-supplied laptop.

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