Inspirock Gets $3M Seed Funding To Make Vacation Itinerary Planning Easier

Inspirock wants to take the hassle out of travel planning with a site that automatically creates customized itineraries. The startup announced today that it has raised $3 million in seed funding from returning investor MakeMyTrip, one of India’s largest travel booking sites, angel investors, and its founders Anoop Goyal and Prakash Sikchi.

Sikchi says Inspirock gives tourists a quick alternative to trawling through Google and travel guides. Inspirock can generate itineraries for a single location or trips spanning different countries, saving them “several hours of online research time,” Sikchi claims.

To make a schedule, travelers enter their destination, age range, and travel dates, before selecting categories like “gardens,” “landmarks,” or “hidden gems.” As Inspirock’s suggestions are deleted or saved from timeslots, the site figures out what destinations are most relevant to each user to return better results.


Inspirock currently covers major destinations in the U.S. and Europe and plans to expand to other areas soon.

“At Inspirock, we think of coverage in terms of entire countries. When we cover a country, say Germany, we will cover all the tourist destinations in Germany, from Aachen to Würzburg and everything in between. The goal is to assure our users that Inspirock can build any vacation plan they want for Germany,” says Sikchi.

Inspirock, which was launched in 2012, will monetize through a revenue-sharing model by allowing users to book ticket and reservations from different providers.