Here’s What Windows 10 Will Cost Abroad If You Don’t Snag A Free Upgrade

We’ve known for some time that Windows 10 will cost either $119 or $199 in the U.S. once the year-long free upgrade period ends. The price differential, of course, is predicated on which version you select. However, until now, international prices have been somewhat occluded1. But now we know, thanks to Microsoft disclosing pricing for Windows 10 in both pounds and euros:

  • Windows 10 will cost £99.99 in the United Kingdom (source) — around US$157.
  • Windows 10 will cost €135 in Europe (source) — around US$151.

As Neowin notes, the pricing is similar to what Windows 8.1 cost. Of course, Microsoft is pressing ahead with its free upgrade plan that it anticipates Windows 10 to land on a billion devices in its first few years in the market. The one-year grace period to upgrade is likely a large component of that figure.

Regardless, by tracking prior pricing, Microsoft is not adjusting the cost of Windows 10 up over time, which in a non-constant currency environment implies discounted pricing after accounting for inflation, even if the impact is mild.

So, Windows 10: Either free, perhaps a few basis points cheaper.

Microsoft didn’t comment on the numbers by the time of publication. When I receive my perfunctory declination to comment, I’ll add a note to this post.

1. You could guess the prices, using standard currency conversion methods, but forex is often more magic than math — just track the price of albums around the world for more data on that point.