Task Manager Todoist Releases Completely Revamped Android App

Popular task manager Todoist just received a major Android update with a completely overhauled user interface and very efficient new features. First, the company switched to Material design in order to make a more polished app that fits in better in Google’s operating system. Second, the company added natural language processing as well as intruitive gestures in order to manage your tasks.

When it comes to the visual makeover, the app definitely looks more modern — it doesn’t look like an Excel spreadsheet anymore. In many ways, it now acts and feels a lot like a Google-designed app. You can also choose between 10 color themes, and the app feels faster than its previous iteration.

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But I’m more excited about the new features. These features were all previously introduced in the latest major iOS update and are now available on Android as well. You can quickly add task with a due date in your current todo list as Todoist now parses natural date input. For instance, you could type “Buy milk tomorrow” or “Go for a run every Friday” and the app will automatically understand that it should create a task (“Buy milk” or “Go for a run”) with a single or recurring due date.

There are a lot of hidden gems in addition to date parsing, but this is the one I find myself using the most. For example, you can add labels or priorities directly from this single add task field. This features works in 14 different languages.

Another interesting feature is the addition of new gestures. Much like in Mailbox and its plethora of followers, you can swipe to the right to complete a task, and swipe to the left to reschedule it. Other things have been streamlined, such as adding collaborators, creating subtasks and more.

Chances are that you tried a few task managers already and gave up on using them. Some of them are too complicated, too rigid or abandoned. That’s why today’s update is an importante one for Todoist, as you need to make task management as painless as possible to keep using this system. I think the company has now found the right balance between a comprehensive feature set and simplicity.