GoFundMe’s Valuation Rises To Around $600M-$650M In Latest Funding Round

Our sources have given us some additional information since crowdfunding site GoFundMe confirmed its funding round last week, saying that the company is now valued at around a range of $600 million to $650 million.

We’ve also heard that Iconiq Capital, the firm that manages the personal wealth of executives like Mark Zuckerberg, has participated in this round of funding. At the time, it was confirmed that Accel partners and Technology Crossover Ventures led the round, with Greylock and Meritech Capital Partners participating.

We previously reported that GoFundMe’s latest funding round valued the company at around $500 million — though, also at the time, one of our sources said that the valuation could go beyond that. The company seeks to focus more on aid and education, based on many of the campaigns that are seen on its site. Most recently GoFundMe ran a string of campaigns centered around aid for victims of the Nepal earthquake.

At the time that the company confirmed its funding round, our sources told us it was hitting around $100 million in funds raised through campaigns every month. So, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say GoFundMe was near to, or is, the largest crowdfunding site on the Internet. The company has seen 300 percent growth year-over-year in the amount of funds it has raised every month, according to our sources.

There are other crowdfunding companies like Tilt, which TechCrunch previously reported raised at a $400 million valuation, and Indiegogo, but it seems clear that both investors and the company are interested enough to drive up demand for a stake in the company even further.