OneGo Will Offer Unlimited West Coast Flights For $1,500 A Month

Here’s an unusual pricing plan for air travel — instead of paying for each trip, hand over a $1,500 monthly fee and fly as much as you want.

That’s what startup OneGo is promising. Founder Paulius Grigas told me the idea came from his own needs as a business traveler. The service is aimed at small and medium businesses, particularly the ones where team members have to do a lot of travel (probably for sales and support).

Grigas said OneGo consolidates all your travel costs into a single expense, and it also makes the cost “predictable and controllable.” Plus, with the OneGo app, you should be able to do all your booking from your smartphone.

So what do you actually get for that $1,500? Unlimited direct flights (economy class) on major airlines like America, Delta, United and Virgin America, plus perks like Gogo WiFi membership and enrollment in TSA Pre for faster security screenings.

There are some constraints — the flights have to be booked seven days in advance, and you can’t have more than four open reservations at a time. You can also pay extra for things like last-minute booking, unlimited flight changes and more open reservations.

OneGo will only be available for West Coast flights at first. I was a bit surprised, since Grigas recently moved to Washington, D.C. but he said that after some research, his team decide the West Coast made sense as a starting point. And he intends to expand to the entire US within “a month or two.”

From the airlines’ perspective, Grigas said OneGo is just another travel agency buying tickets. So yes, if someone does a crazy amount of travel in one month, they’ll still pay only $1,500, which could be a big loss for the startup. But he said OneGo will make money when the costs are averaged out across all travelers.

OneGo is currently doing pre-sales, with plans to go live this fall.

Update: A reader pointed out that Rise offers something similar for Texas flights.