Legendary Talent Manager Troy Carter To Speak At Disrupt SF

He founded the Atom Factory talent management agency, helped pop artist Lady Gaga reach millions of little monsters with a branded social network, and launched a VC firm with investments in heavyweight tech firms like Dropbox, Uber and Spotify. He’s Troy Carter, and we’re thrilled to announce that he’ll be joining us for a live on-stage interview at Disrupt SF 2015.

This is Troy’s second time speaking at Disrupt. Two years ago he took the stage in New York and spoke to the power and reach of radio. We’re excited to have him back.

Troy is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Atom Factory, a multi-dimensional branding, entertainment, and artist management company that has created a paradigm shift in the way the music industry does business. They’ve done so by living at the intersection of entertainment and technology, which they believe they’re uniquely positioned to do with A \ IDEA, the company’s branding and innovation arm, and AF Square, the company’s venture capitalism arm that has invested in some of the top tech startups.

Perhaps most notably, AF Square has invested in the likes of Uber, Dropbox, Fab and Spotify, as well as smaller, but still widely known startups Misfit and Fifty Three, among others. The company has has invested in over 60 companies to date, and they continue to actively look for new startups with “business models that disrupt the status quo.” The company primarily helps startups with marketing and branding efforts with the goal of finding new distribution channels to broaden the customer base.

That branding experience is something Troy Carter has in droves; he helped manage Lady Gaga’s social profile for several years through another startup he co-founded called Backplane, amassing tens of millions of followers for the pop singer and songwriter before the duo split up in 2013. He’s recovered from that split, naturally, as Carter still has a strong portfolio of clients that includes the likes of Meghan Trainor, John Legend and James Davis, to name a few.

Troy Carter is a music industry veteran who got his start working with artists like Will Smith and Notorious B.I.G. in stints at Overbrook Entertainment and Bad Boy Entertainment (respectively) before founding the boutique talent management company Erving Wonder in 1999. He sold Erving Wonder to the Sanctuary Group in 2004.

Come hear Troy Carter’s plans for Atom Factory at Disrupt SF 2015, which takes place September 21st-23rd at San Francisco’s Pier 70. Today is the last day to get extra early bird savings, so purchase a ticket here to you can secure your spot at the best startup event in tech.