QuizUp Launches On Windows Mobile Phones

QuizUp, the trivia app with over 33 million users worldwide, announced today that it’s releasing an app for Windows phones.

First released as an iOS app, QuizUp quickly became a runaway hit with over 1.5 million signups in its first two weeks live. Since then the company has released Android, iPad, and desktop versions of the game, allowing users to play on practically any device.

The Windows app will offer the same functionality available with other platforms, including the new social networking features. 

While today’s announcement is great for QuizUp fans, it could be even better for Microsoft.

Windows has struggled recently with luring big-time developers to the platform. This should be no surprise, as Windows Mobile has had trouble keeping up with Android and iOS adoption rates, especially in the U.S.

A recent comScore report showed market share of smartphone users running Microsoft software had decreased to three percent from 3.6 percent just three months earlier.

With its new Windows Phone app, QuizUp is now available for download on more than 99 percent of mobile phone operating systems.

QuizUp will be live in the Windows Phone App Store starting today, and can be downloaded here.