Komprise Raises $6M To Help Companies Rein In Sprawling Data

Storing loads of data is costly, especially if companies can’t figure out the best ways to manage all that information. Komprise wants to make big data less overwhelming so its clients don’t have to constantly buy more storage.

The San Francisco-based startup, which is preparing its beta program and just raised a $6 million Series A led by Canaan Partners, says it services give clients a cost-efficient, automated way to store, organize, and analyze data in both on-premise servers and the cloud. Its new capital will be used to hire more employees.

Komprise is the third startup for its founding team: chief executive officer Kumar Goswami, chief operating officer Krishna Subramanian, and chief technical officer Michael Peercy. Their previous company, virtual desktop company provider Kaviza, was acquired by Citrix in 2011.

“Our last two businesses served different challenges companies have with their data—our first startup was a file-sharing application for sales, and the second company eliminated expensive SAN [storage area network] for virtual desktops,” says Subramanian.

“What we learned from our customers is that the biggest challenge they face today with data has to do with the unprecedented scale of data growth.”

As a result, companies end up spending a quarter of their annual IT budgets on storage and data management, says Komprise’s founders. Furthermore, a lot of that data just sits in silos and is never used.

To solve that problem, Komprise aims to make it easier for companies to expand the capacity of their on-premise servers with cloud storage, which in turn helps them manage and access the data they need.

“Businesses can save up to 70 percent of costs while increasing efficiency,” says Peercy. “Another use case is for Dev/Ops teams that want to run new apps in the cloud but the data needed is on-premise—Komprise enables to have data available where they need it with automation and efficiency.”