Cameo, Vimeo’s Video Editing Platform, Ditches Social Networking Functionality

Cameo, the video editing platform which was bought by Vimeo last year, today launched a complete rebuild of its app.

While the new update contains familiar features like easy importing, editing, and HD video support, the redesign notably removes Cameo’s social networking features. Previously, users could follow other filmmakers inside the app and view their posts in a Instagram-style feed.

Vimeo says that the sunset of the Cameo social network is part of a broader focus on integrating Cameo fully into Vimeo. In exchange for removing the social network component, the company will now be featuring videos made on Cameo in a new curated “Best of Cameo” channel, which is akin to Vimeo’s popular “Staff Picks” channel.

The new app will add some functionality that wasn’t available in the previous version. One notable new feature is the ability to import and use clips longer then six seconds, which will undoubtably allow creators to use the platform for more in-depth films.

The update provides users with instrumental-only soundtracks to use in their videos. These songs will come from independent artists and indie labels, and will all be available for free use in all videos created using Cameo.

Cameo’s new update is available now, and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.