This Range Rover Prototype Can Be Driven With A Smartphone App

There are remote control cars and then there are Remote Control Cars. This is the latter of the two. Range Rover UK developed a prototype system that allows a Range Rover Sport to be controlled remotely through a smartphone app. And not just the door locks. The vehicle can be driven from the app.

As the video here shows, this functionality allows drivers to safely traverse treacherous terrain or tight parking spots.

It seemingly works as expected. The app control’s the vehicle’s speed and direction. Speed is limited to 4 mph and the smartphone needs to be within 10 feet of the vehicle.

The company says that it could eventually build voice commands into the system.

Right now this is just an engineering prototype so don’t expect to go down to your local Range Rover dealer and try this out. Range Rover didn’t specify if or when this technology will hit production models. Security would of course be a top priority. The last thing Range Rover would want is to give car thieves the ability to walk up to a vehicle, pull out a phone, and hack their way into driving away your fancy SUV.

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