Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel Explains Snapchat In A Dimly Lit Room


Inexplicably, Snapchat has posted a video to its official YouTube page in which CEO and cofounder Evan Spiegel describes how the app works – four years after it was founded.

In it, he uses a sketchpad, a Sharpie and some secret knowledge to explain why younger demographics of users love Snapchat and to explain why the app has one of the more confusing design schemes in existence. He does not, however, use a tripod in the video and it looks like it was recorded against his will.

Spiegel starts by talking about the transition of photos from keepsakes or stored memories to a form of communication, or talking. He then goes into the idea of identity “which is at the core of social media,” and talks about how an identity is the result of everything you’ve ever done rather than the accumulation of everything you’ve done.

“This sort of brings us to Snapchat,” he says, turning to pages that show the different screen of Snapchat, drawn out in freehand. On paper.

Finally, Spiegel reiterates the deeper meaning of Snapchat stories by differentiating it from other timelines or feeds, that show the most recent updates at the top. With Stories, the past 24 hours worth of snaps are shown chronologically so you can follow your friends through their day from beginning to end.

We should also note that Snapchat has thus far raised $1.2 billion and is reportedly valued at $15 billion. None of that was spent on camera equipment.