Crushpath’s New CEO Is From Salesforce

Crushpath, a service that helps marketers more easily find leads, has hired Andy MacMillan as its CEO. MacMillan formerly led at Salesforce, and joined earlier this month.

Marketers work with Crushpath to decide where to advertise their products and produce copy that will be attractive to potential clients. Once a lead lands on a marketer’s landing page and converts to what could be a sale, those marketers get an email to follow up with them.

MacMillan, though happy with his position at Salesforce, took a meeting with Social+Capital founder Chamath Palihapitiya, who convinced him to take a look at Crushpath. He walked through the company’s traction and the market trends he was seeing, which led to a meeting with the co-founder of the company and then his eventual hire.

“Salesforce was awesome. I was loving everything I was doing, but I think this model of ‘do it for me’ — things like ZenPayroll and other consumer services like Washio and Uber — I think there’s a really interesting market trend and what’s fascinating about Crushpath is what they’re doing in this big shift in marketing, and in inbound and social,” MacMillan said.

crushpath dashboard

With the technology more fleshed out, Crushpath — like many enterprise companies at this stage — has hit a point where it has to hire a big sales team in order to start bringing on new clients and work with the existing demand for the service. Of course, Crushpath uses its own software to generate inbound interest.

“I think it’s really over the next six months is, how aggressively can we get this out to customers,” he said. “What’s the best way to reach the biggest audience. We don’t seem to have any trouble using our tools to generate inbound leads, and whenever you see that you want to put your foot on the gas.”

Crushpath raised $6 million in a round led by Social+Capital in March 2013, and $2 million the year before led by Charles River Ventures.