The Benarus Megalodon Lumbers Back To Life On Kickstarter

We first looked at the original Benarus Megalodon dive watch in 2012 when the massive timepiece first appeared on land. Designed by Steve Laughlin of Overland Park, KS (not a place normally associated with deep dives), the watch is 49mm in diameter, 19mm thick and is designed as a high-compression dive watch. You could, with a little sanding, fit two Apple Watches into one of these.


Laughlin is raising $50,000 on Kickstarter and has already blown past that goal with 19 days left. He is manufacturing the watches in Hong Kong and is planning to add layers of lume to make this watch shine like a supernova. It runs an automatic Miyota movement and should survive dives of up to 2,500 meters thanks to a massive front crystal and 4mm rear plate. Will you be able to really dive with this thing? Considering 2,500m is a fourth of the way down the Mariana Trench you can probably safely take this into the pool without concern.

You can still get the watch for $780 and impress your friends and neighbors with your taste in massive shark-themed watches or you can wait until they mass-produce them for $900. Either way, the Megalodon is pretty much the anti-smartwatch – massive, solid, and technically impressive in a mechanical, not electronic sense.