Sony To Become First Company To Offer A La Carte TV Service With The PlayStation Vue

Today at Sony’s E3 2015 press conference the company announced that it will unbundle its Vue streaming channels and offer the stations a la carte. In doing so, Sony becomes the first provider to offer (at least some) TV stations to the American consumer without bundles.

Details are still a bit fuzzy but it seems clear-cut. Subscribers will be able to choose which stations they want in their lineup although at first the selection is very limited.

Sony Computer Entertainment President and Global CEO Andrew House took the stage and described Playstation Vue as more than a streaming service. “It’s a complete live TV experience,” he said, “designed for the gamer, making it simpler and easier to find the television they wait.”

Sadly, only a select few stations will be available to pick individually at launch. When this service launches next month, only Machinima, Showtime and Fox Soccer Channel will be offered a la carte. Hopefully some of the service’s other stations like CBS, Fox and Comedy Central will soon be available.

House stated that service will be available in July and Sony is rolling the PlayStation Vue to San Francisco and Los Angeles tonight.