Polish Startup Filmaster Sells To Samba TV For €1 Million

Filmaster, a movie recommendation engine built by a team in Warsaw, Poland, has sold to Samba TV for a little over €1 million. Filmaster was funded by HackFwd and HardGamma Ventures although the founders kept most of the company as it was sold.

Described as a service that offers movie recommendations using “its own proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms”

“When I heard Ashwin present at Bitspiration Festival in Poland, I knew right away that we shared the same vision. Exactly one year later, we’re excited to join Samba TV, participate in its rapid growth and contribute to its launch in Europe,” said Borys Musielak, CEO of Filmaster. Samba TV will begin using Filmaster’s technology in its software.

The sale is notable in that it is one of the first prominent start-ups in Warsaw to catch the eye of outside investors. In the usual European paranoid style the details of the deal were undisclosed but we have learned that the company sold for a little more than €1 million, pleasing the investors.