Watch Our First Look At The New Oculus Rift And Touch Controller Hardware

Earlier today, we got the chance to check out the Oculus Rift consumer virtual reality headset, which has finally been fully revealed to the world. We also get a first look at the Oculus Touch Controllers, unique input devices designed by Oculus themselves to make interacting with a virtual environment much easier.

Press wasn’t able to use or even paw the hardware unveiled – but we could get within an inch of it, and take a very close look at what the company put into its final designs. They went for an understated look, which should help when trying to sell the device beyond the core tech enthusiast audience that probably picked up developer hardware and backed the Kickstarter.

Oculus pointed out various aspects of the hardware design that seemed designed for more mass appeal during the event, including its fabric-covered exterior, lightweight feel both in the hand and on the head, and attention to ergonomic detail both for the headset and the controllers. Even things like how you put it on, which is designed to mimic the action of putting on a baseball cap most people know well, seem aimed to make it approachable.

Check out the video above for a more detailed explanation of just what was announced today.