Former Ad Exec David Jones Launches $350 Million “Brandtech” Group

Former advertising executive and mad men wunderkind, David Jones, is launching a new $350 million investment and development firm focused on “brand tech”. After all, since software is eating the world, it was only a matter of time before advertising (perhaps the world’s second oldest profession?) started eating software.

What is a “brandtech”-focused investment and development firm, you ask? Well, Jones has an answer. Jones’ semi-eponymous You & Mr Jones will provide insights to bridge the gap between brands and technology. Given that most tech-based advertising solutions are one step above those “Punch The Monkey” banners that they used to feature on Livejournal pages, it’s clear that the space could use a little help. Is Jones the guy to do it?

Well, the firm’s announcement of its launch hits all the right buzz words, commenting on the dramatic growth in mobile, a “tech revolution” which has produced “massive amounts of content”.

These truisms are paired against corporate ships whose technology policies are basically unmoored and rudderless and sinking faster than the Titanic.

The group will use its $350 million (raised from undisclosed sources), to acquire companies that create user- and machine-generated content (as if what we have now wasn’t bad enough); creative, brand and content strategy; social media marketing; programmatic media buying; multi-channel networks; and real-time measurement analytics.

Jones has also launched¬†You & Mr Jones Brandtech Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture firm to basically fund companies that make your browsing experience sub par. A holding company and investment firm, the company has already acquired Mofilm, a provider of “creative crowdsourcing”, and has invested in Pixlee, a content management system, and Mashable, which, admittedly, is kind of a great site.