AppFormix Raises $7M Series A Round For Its Cloud Ops Service

AppFormix, a startup that aims to help enterprises to more efficiently run their application in the shared infrastructure environments of public clouds, today announced that it has raised a $7 million Series A round led by August Capital.

The company, which also came out of stealth today, argues that modern applications in a data center inevitably run on virtual machines or containers that share their underlying infrastructure with other applications and tenants. Because of this, applications will likely have to compete for resources. AppFormix helps operators and developers monitor their server, storage and networking setups in a single dashboard to identify potential resource contention bottlenecks. The service also allows operators to set up policies for resolving these situations.

Devops professionals can use AppFormix to manage containers and virtual machines on their OpenStack setups, as well as apps managed through container technologies like the Apache Mesos and the Google-incubated Kubernetes.

While the AppFormix team is currently focusing on this use case, chances are the team will branch out and add more cloud monitoring and management tools over time, too.

The company’s founder and CEO Sumeet Singh has quite a bit of experience in this area. He was previously a principal development manager for Microsoft Azure and a data center principal at Cisco.

“Siloed tools for different types of infrastructure are yesterday’s technology. The future is about real-time infrastructure visibility and the convergence of all tools and teams across the IT department,” said Singh. “Cloud infrastructure is shared infrastructure. By providing application-level visibility of the infrastructure and programmatically controlling how applications use the shared infrastructure AppFormix is enabling a more economical, reliable and agile software defined data center.”

The service is now available in beta and should be generally available in the third quarter of 2015.