PornTime Is PopcornTime For Other Kinds Of Movies

If you’ve ever used PopcornTime you’ll agree that the Internet is at once amazing and highly subversive. PopcornTime, for example, is a great celestial jukebox of movies streamed from Torrent sites in seconds, a proposition that frightens studios but pleases the consumer. PornTime, by corollary, is a great celestial jukebox of porn streamed from those same Torrent sites that also frightens studios and pleases the consumer in a different way.

I won’t explain exactly what’s available on PornTime – use your imagination – but it works as well as PopcornTime. To use it you simply download the app and click a video. The action usually begins about a minute later as other computers on the network begin serving portions of the film. Like most Torrent services, your ISP will probably look in askance at your efforts but darn it if the streaming isn’t fast and smooth.

The app is open source and the source will be released “very soon” write the creators. They’re also looking for volunteers!

“We would love to receive your help if you’re into codes and stuff!” they write. “Assist us with adding more great content from more great sources and improve Porn Time and make it the best source for porn available on the internet!”

Like most services like this one expect PornTime to disappear and reappear like a game of DMCA Whack-A-Mole but until then do your thing.