Bustle Revamps Its iOS App With A Personalized News Feed

Bustle, the millennial woman’s news site with over 30 million monthly readers, today launched its revamped iOS App. While the site’s old app was just a clone of the Bustle website, the update now allows readers to follow more than 50 different topics curated into a personalized news feed.

When opening the app for the first time, users are prompted to select which topics they want to follow. These topics range from fashion and beauty to Shark Tank and technology, which allows the Bustle app to cater to a wide range of interests.

Once topics are chosen the user will see a hand curated newsfeed filled with a diverse range of content. For example, the newsfeed includes Instagram photos, GIFs, Tweets, and news stories from many popular media outlets.

By integrating a diverse selection of media types into one newsfeed, Bustle aims to serve as a one stop shop for a millennial audience that is constantly switching between social media sites. The company says that over 75% of the site’s traffic each month comes from mobile, which is why they worked so hard to develop a strong native experience for readers.

Bustle is available for download in the iOS App Store now, with other platforms launching later this year.