There’s Never Been A Better Time To Start A Company In China: Qunar Co-Founder

There’s never been a better time to start an early-stage startup in China, according to one of the country’s most successful foreign entrepreneurs.

Apple’s WWDC Keynote In 90 Seconds

Apple had a lot to announce at its Worldwide Developer Conference this morning, and it was easy to miss big news as it happened during the two-hour-plus keynote. We’ve summed it up right here, w

How To Win The Attention Of Potential Investors

If your goal is to build a world-changing product (or to create one of those unicorns everyone is talking about), at some point you’re probably going to need the help and resources of outside invest

Former Paypal Executive Joins Bigcommerce As CEO

Bigcommerce, the Austin-based platform that helps retail businesses go online, now has a new chief executive officer. The company announced today that Brent Bellm, who is a former CEO of Paypal Europe

Apple News Versus Reused

Apple broke quite a lot of ground today at its yearly developer conference. The company, the most valuable in the world, announced new operating system builds for PCs and mobile devices and made its S

Why Has “Social” Failed In Fintech?

Finance is littered with the graves of startups that have tried to do social. Remember, Kaching, Cake Financial, Everyone has failed. But this has not deterred a new crop of fintech entr

Fantastical 2, Workflow, Robinhood Among Winners At Apple Design Awards

Apple’s Design Award is a sleek aluminum cube with a lit logo and no seams. It’s available nowhere else but Apple’s yearly developer conference WWDC. It’s incredibly coveted an

Beats Music Tells Users To Switch To Apple Music

Apple has a new streaming Music app, and it’s pushing users of its old one Beats Music to switch. Following Apple Music’s unveiling at WWDC today, Beats Music’s FAQ has updated to fo

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Apple Music

Spotify killer? Or Ping 2.0? Apple today finally announced its move into on-demand music streaming with the unveiling of Apple Music. Now the question is whether Apple Music will be a hit with the pub

Apple’s New Developer Program Offers iOS, OS X And watchOS Tools For $99

Apple has consolidated its developer program, bundling together access to developer tools and pre-release software builds for iOS, OS X and watchOS all under one umbrella. The unification of the dev p

Meet Aaron Brown, One Of The Amazing Volunteers Giving Kids New 3D-Printed Hands

If you’ve been following my coverage of E-Nable, a volunteer organization dedicated to 3D-printing prosthetic hands for kids, you’ll be familiar with Aaron Brown’s work. He makes &#8

Apple Launches Beats1, A 24/7 Worldwide Radio Station

Apple’s Jimmy Iovine announced Beats1, the first ever live worldwide 24-hour radio station would be coming to Apple Music at WWDC15 today. “Trent Reznor called me up. He says ‘I got

Apple Revives Ping As “Connect,” Letting Artists Share A Feed Of Music, Videos And Social Media

Apple wants to be the way you socially connect to musicians, not Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Spotify. As a tab in its new Apple Music on-demand streaming service, Apple is launching Connect, a feed

Apple Streaming Music Service Launches June 30th At $9.99 A Month, $14.99 Family Plan

One of Apple’s biggest announcements at this year’s WWDC event was its brand new streaming music service. The offering has long been rumored, but Apple made it official this morning, setti

Apple Stresses User Privacy At WWDC

Apple is continuing to put blue water between itself and data-mining mobile rivals such as Google by engineering its services with a clear focus on user privacy. At Apple's WWDC developer conferenc

iTunes App Store Passes 1.5M Apps, 100B Downloads, $30B Paid To Developers To Date

Apple didn’t kick off this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference with updated stats about the App Store — but it didn’t leave them out completely. More than one hour into the p

Apple Teases Wireless CarPlay And Automaker Apps

Today Apple announced at WWDC that CarPlay will now be able to wirelessly connect to your iPhone. Previously, interfacing your iOS device with CarPlay required a constant wired connection with the ca

iOS 9 Is Coming This Fall

Apple capped off its announcement of new features in iOS 9 with information about timing — the public beta will become available in July, followed by a full launch this fall.

Apple Unveils The Apple Watch Native App SDK

The Apple Watch just became a much more interesting development platform with the announcement of watchOS 2 and a true native app SDK at WWDC this morning. Apple vice president Kevin Lynch came on

Apple Announces iOS 9

It’s pretty much tradition for Apple to announce a new version of iOS at WWDC. For the past few months, rumor had it that Apple was taking a gap year to focus on fixing existing features and sol
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