13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week, we wrote about the new announcements made at Google I/O, power moves Instagram is making to give more from its service to advertisers, and what you’ll need to know about Windows 10. These were our best stories from this week (5/29-6/4).

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook was honored at an event in Washington, where he spoke about guarding customer privacy, ensuring security and protecting rights to encryption.


2. Reporting from Google I/O, Darrell wrote about Google ATAP’s Project Vault, a secure computer contained entirely on a micro SD sized device.

3. The Worldwide Developers Conference keynote is only a few days away. This is what you can expect from Apple’s big event.

4. Microsoft kicked off the month with news that Windows 10 will ship on July 29. Ron and Alex break down everything you need to know about Windows 10.

5. Ross Ulbricht, the alleged owner of the Silk Road online black market, was sentenced to life in prison.

6. Natasha Lomas wrote about Google’s ultimate impetus to offer up free unlimited storage with Google Photos – it will receive tons of our personal data in return.

7. Instagram is giving advertisers much more powerful tools like app install and “shop now” buttons, interest and demographic targeting, and an API for efficiently managing huge campaigns.

8. Danny Crichton wrote about how traditional banks just don’t speak the same consumer language as millennials, and that if they are to fail, it will be due to lack of innovation.

9. Magic Leap announced it’s new augmented reality developer platform.

10. At an event at its headquarters, Pinterest unveiled “buyable pins.”

11. Guest columnists Monica Leas and Julie Oberweis published the first segment of their research on the Ellen Pao gender discrimination suit and diversity in Silicon Valley’s venture capital industry.

12. Ron Miller wrote about how Chuck Robbins, the new Cisco CEO, is favoring diversity and youth as he tries to sell Cisco to a new generation of customers.

13. Sarah Buhr wrote about HidrateMe, a connected water bottle that will glow when you need to take a sip.