Passing 5 Million Downloads, JuiceBox Games Announces Second Title

JuiceBox Games today announced the upcoming release of Sword Storm, their second title in the collective card game genre (CCG).

Founded by three former Zynga developers, Juicebox has had tremendous success with its first release, recently surpassing $7 million dollars in revenue. Sixty percent of this revenue has come from players buying in-game characters, of which is typically the focus of most CCGs.

Additionally, users have completed more than half a billion battles within the game, and have an average play-time of over 60 minutes per day. On average, this is broken down into a user playing 5-6 times per day, with each session lasting 10-12 minutes. This long-term sustained engagement is rare in the mobile game industry, especially as many larger studios continue to struggle.

While CCG is one of the top mobile gaming genres in Asia, it hasn’t been as successful in the United States. JuiceBox CEO Michael Martinez attributes this to the fact that CCGs haven’t been executed properly on mobile for the Western audience, which his company aims to fix.

Sword Storm will be available as a free download for both iOS and Android later this year.