TC Cribs: Venmo’s NYC Headquarters Is On The Money

Today’s episode of Cribs had us criss-crossing the country to New York City, where mobile payments juggernaut Venmo has made its home.

Venmo has become enough of a phenomenon that it has become a verb in many circles — “I’ll Venmo you the cash I owe for dinner” is not an unusual thing to overhear — so it was fun to see its office in person to see where the product is made. Longtime Cribs watchers may find the space looking quite familiar: It turns out that Venmo HQ is in the exact same office space that used to be the home of flash sales site Fab, which we toured back in the spring of 2013. It became clear as soon as we walked through the doors that Venmo has definitely made the space its own.

Watch the video embedded above to see the Venmo’s art-filled and very fitness-friendly office.

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This episode of Cribs was edited by Tito Hamze and Matthew Pendergast, shot by Steve Long and Yashad Kulkarni, and produced by Felicia Williams