Leanplum Brings Hyper-Personalized Messaging, Easier UX Optimization To Its Mobile Marketing Platform

Leanplum started out as a mobile A/B testing service, but over time, the company has morphed into a mobile life cycle solution for marketers as it added new features to its platform. Last year, for example, Leanplum launched its marketing automation service with personalized messaging after it raised a $4.8 million Series A round.

Today, it is launching an update to its messaging platform and it is making it easier for developers and marketers to easily modify an app’s user interface on the fly, without having to resubmit it to an app store.

“With mobile life cycle marketing you need to drive app engagement throughout the whole customer journey,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of Leanplum. “It’s great to be able to optimize a push notification to effectively re-engage users with your app, but it’s even more powerful to also have the experience they arrive at be personalized and optimized.”

Leanplum’s first messaging product was able to send basic automated messages to users, but with this update, the company is making these notifications far more personal. Marketers can now trigger personalized messages based on user attributes and event data, for example. With that, an e-commerce app could send a coupon to regular customers who abandon their shopping carts, for example.

Using Leanplum’s new visual interface, the second tentpole feature of this release, marketers can now set up event tracking and triggers without having to touch any code. In addition, they can modify, test and deploy UI changes without having to resubmit their apps to Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

The cool feature here is that marketers can even programmatically tailor the user interface to individual users, too. If a user only shares to Twitter, for example, an app could then switch the default sharing mechanism from Facebook to Twitter to accommodate that.