Doppler Labs Launches Here Listening System On Kickstarter To Curate Live Audio

Doppler Labs, the same folks that introduced us to the totally mechanical Dubs ear plugs, is today unveiling its second product. The Here Active Listening System was just launched on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $250,000.

But what is Here?

Unlike your average headphones, or noise-canceling headphones, the in-ear Here Listening System is built specifically to curate live audio experiences.

“We have things to enhance every part of our lives, but when it comes to our ears, we’re told to just deal with it,” said Doppler Labs CEO and cofounder Noah Kraft. “We believe at Doppler that your listening experience can be way better than you could imagine, but you just need something you can proudly wear to accomplish that.”

The Here Active Listening system is meant to be used during a commute, on the airplane or in the airport, or at a concert. With controls built into the app, users can actually isolate specific noises (like a baby crying or the screech of a subway train) and drastically reduce the volume on that specific noise. In other words, hear what you want, ignore what you don’t.

Upon first introduction with Kraft, it sounded like using the Here Active Listening system would be a pain to set up — how exactly am I supposed to constantly curate the audio around me?

Kraft explained that the Here system comes with its own built-in pre-sets for specific situations. On a plane, for example, you can reduce engine noise, reduce crying baby noise, or reduce all. This allows you to have a conversation with the person next you (God bless you for that) and not go entirely insane from the roar of the engine next to you.

But let’s say you’re a huge audiophile and you want to use your Here listening system at a concert. The Here system will automatically give you some good presets to get more comfortable with the sound in the venue, but pros can tap into the EQ settings to adjust bass, mids or treble for live music. In fact, users can even add reverb, flange, vintage vinyl crackle, echo, etc. to live concerts or even to the sound of their friend’s voice.

That said, the Here Active Listening system is not meant to play music or content off of your phone. It’s all about live audio happening in the environment around you.

The Here Listening system is not entirely mechanical like its predecessor, but does come fully wireless. Both buds are separate from one another, and hold a charge of about six hours.

But do not fret, festival goers! The Here Listening system comes with a pocket sized charging system that, when connected to the buds, offer an extra eight to 12 hours of charge on each bud. It only takes about an hour to get back to a full charge, according to Kraft.

Thus far the team only has a handful of prototypes, but the Kickstarter campaign will gauge early interest in the product.

Kraft reports that Doppler has sold 200K units of Dubs products, doing millions in revenue.

If you’re interested in checking out the Here Listening system, hit up the Kickstarter campaign right here.