GoPro Outs The Hero+LCD, A $299 Entry Level Camera With A Touchscreen

Meet the GoPro Hero+LCD. The new camera is part of the company’s growing entry-level Hero line that sports capabilities perfect for YouTube. As the product’s name suggests, it features a LCD touchscreen, which is a handy feature for GoPro cameras.

The Hero+LCD will cost $299 when it’s released on June 7th. Don’t expect breakthrough technological features, though. This isn’t the next generation of GoPro cameras.

Instead, the Hero+LCD features video recording capability that tops off at 1080p60 instead of the 4k recording found on the top-of-line GoPro cameras. And that’s perfectly fine for most users. Video that’s recorded at 1080p60 is broadcast quality and perfectly suited for YouTube and Facebook.

The camera also includes WiFi and Bluetooth allowing it to connect to the GoPro remote and smartphone app. GoPros says the battery lasts two hours on a charge.

This latest camera should be a good seller for GoPro. It sports capabilities that’s perfect for most users and is available for at least $100 less than the higher-end models. Yet, since it’s a GoPro, it will still work with the firm’s massive line of accessories and mounts, which is one of the best reasons to opt for a GoPro camera instead of one from a different company.