Foursquare, Via Button, Now Lets You Order An Uber Directly In The App

Foursquare and Uber are teaming up, with the help of mobile deep-linking startup Button, to offer Foursquare users a button within the app to call an Uber.

The idea is that, as you look up restaurants or fun destinations on the Foursquare app, you could also execute on that plan far more easily with a button directly inside the app.

For users without the Uber app installed, a discount will be provided on your first ride (promo code “FOURSQUARE”) as well as a prompt to download the app. For folks who have been Ubering for years now, you’ll simply be given the option to choose your car type (Uber X, Black, SUV, etc.) and their work is then complete.

Button’s DeepLink Commerce platform was built to unify the dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of apps you use on your smartphone. Almost every experience is fragmented across your screen — even Foursquare dumped the check-in into Swarm and left recommendations in the main app.

So it makes sense that Button wants to use its technology to gauge customer intent and facilitate the connections that already exist among various apps in a way that provides value to the user.

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Uber has recently opened up its API to allow other apps to integrate with it, but Button provides a faster and simpler way for app makers to tie in with other apps.

Button takes a revenue share of every transaction made through the DeepLink Commerce platform, and this launch marks Button’s foray on the Android platform.

Button has raised a total of $14.3 million in funding since launch.