Here’s A First Look At Android M

Android M is still in its very early days; Google just released the first developer preview for use on test devices today. We flashed it onto a Nexus 5, and took a look around to see what was new. The OS is far from feature-complete at this stage, but you can still get a first look at some key features in the video above.

The changes to the app drawer, and to volume controls, are small but could have a big impact on how user-friendly Android devices are. The new app organization makes it a lot easier to manage large app libraries, for instance, and the volume controls now actually let you control the volume on your device, instead of being more or less completely confusing.

Google Now on Tap is a feature with a ton of potential, but as of right now, the vast majority¬†of its functionality isn’t live. But at least you can imagine it doing really cool things where that placeholder text currently appears.