Google’s Cardboard VR Now Works (Very Well) With iPhone

Google’s Cardboard VR app first appeared last year at I/O 2014, but the initial version was somewhat limited in terms of device support. A new version released this year works with devices with screen sizes ranging up to 6 inches, but the more exciting news for many might be that it now also works with iPhone.

The new Cardboard for iOS app is available in the U.S. store now, and includes the same demo apps, as well as the same QR-code based pairing process to make sure it’s optimized for whichever generation of headset you have. Cardboard for iOS is a free download, and works with iPhone 5 and up.

With the new VR headset, you can even use the included “button” to interact with content displayed, and set the app to provide vibration feedback when you do.

Actually, using the app with the iPhone 6 Plus reveals a very smooth experience; in fact, it’s the best experience I’ve had yet with Cardboard’s VR visuals on any device, including the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. Whether it’s the screen resolution, device capabilities or fit with the new headset, something is making for a finely tuned relationship between the iPhone and the Cardboard kit.

If you’re an iPhone user looking to try it out, check out Google’s page for info on how to get one from partners or how to create one yourself.