Google Reveals Plan To Get Android Powering Internet Of Things Devices

Today at Google I/O 2015 Google detailed its plan to roll Android into the home and everyday devices. Meet Brillo and Weave. Together, these two software products will power and allow Internet of Things devices.

Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai explained that Brillo is derived from Android, yet is stripped down in ways that allows the operating system to power devices such as door locks or moisture sensors. It’s just the lower layers of Android, he said.

Brillo builds in the ability for device managers and hardware owners to control multiple devices from a centralized software location.

Weave is the communication layer that sits between Brillo devices, the cloud and devices like phones or tablets. This allows devices to talk to each other. Since Brillo and Weave are built around Android, it allowed Google to design a new way to set up these devices.

When Brillo products hit the market, Android will provide a common setup screen between devices. Brillo door locks will be setup in a similar way as Brillo coffee makers.

Google expects the developer preview of Brillo in the third quarter of 2015 and Weave’s full stack in the fourth quarter.

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