Pinterest Adds A Few Tools To Integrate More Easily With Squarespace

Squarespace users this afternoon will get a set of tools that will enable them to more easily publish their content to Pinterest and gather data about the traffic those pins are driving to their site.

Previously, adding Pinterest tools like the Pin It button would require a small amount of code added directly to the site, but the new integration has built it into the user interface of the site’s settings. Squarespace is often used to quickly get a site up and running, and that’s of particular interest to businesses that need an online presence but may not have someone technically savvy enough to build a richer website.

“We have a few basic free tools that we tell businesses to use,” Pinterest online channel partner manager Jimmy Sopko said. “The Pin It button, Rich Pins, all these add value to your business, but before the integration this required a bit of code. Now it’s easier to add these tools.

Once users turn the feature on, Squarespace automatically determines what the content of the pin that’s publishing to Pinterest will be. Squarespace users can also automatically publish new pieces of content — like articles or new products — to Pinterest once they are created. All these come with Pinterest’s analytics suite, which will basically tell Squarespace what kinds of people are coming to their site from Pinterest.

Rich pins, which have additional information from the metadata of the site — such as whether something is in stock or what the price is — will also be available through Squarespace as part of the partnership. Rich pins in general have higher engagement than normal pins, and Sopko said every day there are 2 million people who pin product-rich pins to Pinterest. He said there are 14 million articles posted to Pinterest every day, as well.

This is one of the first partnerships of this sort, but if successful, Pinterest would explore others similar to it, Sopko said.