Pryynt Gets $2M To Stick A Print-On-Demand Service Inside Photo Apps

There’s no shortage of third-party services offering to print out your best digital footprints — whether it’s turning your Instagrams into temporary tattoos or your Facebook missives into memory books. So far so standard.

But London-based startup Pryynt is hoping to wrong foot these rivals by getting app developers to integrate an SDK that puts a print button directly into their apps, and an on-demand print service at the fingertips of their users.

Today it’s announcing a $2 million seed round (from undisclosed investors) for its SDK for a print on-demand service.

“Pryynt’s seed round has been raised from a small group of angel investors including an experienced ex-private equity individual who has investments in the printing and tech industries,” says CEO and founder James Washer. Washer himself has also contributed to the round.

Using the Pryynt service, digital snaps can be ordered as postcards, greetings cards, posters or canvas prints — all without the user having to use another app. The incentive for app developers to integrate Pryynt is a revenue share (of 30 per cent or more) of anything generated from spin-off photo fodder that users end up buying.

Pryynt’s service handles everything involved in turning an in-app button tap into a physical product shipped out to customers — from order fulfilment to customer support, system updates and payments. Printing is carried out by a global network of HP-accredited printers.

So far Pryynt says it has more than 40 apps signed up ahead of a full launch next month. Camera MX on Android, Insta Shape Pro and Best Postcard Maker on iOS are already live; while PhotoGrid, Retrica and others are due to go live in the following weeks.

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