Meat This New Tinder User

Before we get too far into this, I want to be fully transparent and disclose up-front that this is weird and mostly irrelevant.

Inexplicably, Vimeo user Marcello Gómez Maureira has created a video that shows a piece of meat power-right-swiping through Tinder.

The title of the film? “Tender: It’s how people meat.”

[vimeo 111997940 w=500 h=281]

So, naturally, I love Marcello and this video.

A few fun jokes you could use to caption this as you inevitably share it with your social networks:

“Tinder sure is a meat market!” (Stolen from BoingBoing, just like the video.)

‘Ooh baby, I like it raw!’ (Stolen from ODB.)

“People on Tinder just treat you like a piece of meat.” (Unfortunately, not stolen. I’m just not that funny.)

Something about being forced to upgrade to Tinder Plus. (I’m really bad at this.)

I told you this would be weird. Sorry. Carry on.