Watch This High School Computer Club Channel Tay Tay


In my high school years I learned programming from a robust man with a large mustache who practiced his golf swing while we coded in Pascal. Not once did we ever sing and I doubt he would have been able to make us had he tried. The teachers at the Whittell High School Computer Club in Zephyr Cove, Nevada have clearly figured out that secret formula.

The Whittell High Computer Club and AP computer science class, led by student Madison Malone, put together a beautiful rendition of Blank Code, a song about falling in love with data structures and making bad code good for the weekend. The song, sung by a few pristine voices, details the travails of game programming and AP tests, just as Taylor intended.

The a cappella version is a bit light on the instrumentation – a few beeps and boops might have made it really pop – but in general any song that talks about Google web services and features the line “Oh my Jobs, look at that code” is alright by me. The students made the video as part of a #makewonder contest put on by the creators of Dash, the learning robot. STEM and Taylor Swift: two great tastes that tastes great together.