Switch, With $2 Million In Seed Funding, Is Tinder For Jobs

Switch, the Tinder for job apps, has just announced a new investor in the form of Marker VC, closing out their seed round at $2 million. Other investors include Metamorphic, Rhodium, Marker, BAM, SG VC, and Marcel Legrand.

Switch lets users search anonymously for jobs through an algorithmic matching process and a UI similar to Tinder. This lets users swipe right or left on potential positions and, upon a mutual match, initiate a conversation with various employers.

The service lets users search anonymously for jobs, showing only three companies you’ve worked for in the past (editable) without showing how many years you worked at each. The companies listed in your profile are automatically blocked from ever seeing your profile, so there’s no chance of a current employer seeing that you are considering jumping ship.

Once a user expresses interest in a job and matches with a job post, the potential employer can see full information, including photo, name, experience at past companies, etc.

Thus far, Switch has big-name companies like Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay, Imgur, the New York Times, and more. The company says it has nine of the top 50 sites in the United States listed as employers on the service, with 400,000 job applications and more than 2 million swipes.

But Switch goes beyond waiting for employers to sign up for the service, pulling in job listings from across the Internet’s many job boards for users to swipe on. Because they have information about so many different jobs, the Switch team is able to pull in data around the difference between various jobs in certain locations.

For example, marketers in San Francisco make about 24 percent more in salary than their New York counterparts, while software engineers and sales people make about 25 percent more in New York than they do in San Francisco.

Given that kind of data, Switch is able to include new features like allowing job seekers to input their current and target salary to get more relevant recommendations.

For now, the service is free for everyone, but the company plans on adding a subscription model for employers looking to find candidates on the platform.

Switch isn’t the only job-matching app out there. Jobr, a direct competitor, has also raised $2 million in seed funding, and other platforms like CampusJob are tackling the issue of helping folks find the perfect job. In other words,the space is bound to continue heating up.

Switch is available now on iOS. You can check it out here.