Jim Gaffigan, Comedian And POTI, Talks About His New Show

Jim Gaffigan, comedian and official President Of The Internet, stopped in at our New York studio where we talked about his new show that is now streaming on JimGaffigan.com. The show will air on TV Land in a few months but he posted the first episode online so fans could watch – and learn to love – his new sitcom.

Gaffigan knows the Internet, or at least hires people who do. He recently completed a Reddit AMA and is active on Meerkat. He saw that giving away a free episode would get his fans excited.

“Instead of talking about it for three months I could show it to them,” he said.

Gaffigan was also one of the first comedians to sell his specials online, and he sees the Internet as a great place to get noticed in comedy. While it helps that he has 5 million or so Twitter followers, he wants to see comedians, performers, and producers embrace the Internet and not fear it… a tall order from an industry that still doesn’t know what the make of a great comedian giving away his first show for free.