Gameit Only Makes You Watch Ads About Products You Actually Want To Buy

What if you could avoid pre-roll advertisements for irrelevant products?

That’s the dream that Gameit is trying to turn into a reality.

The app is an ecommerce platform that only shows you an advertisement on a product that you’re interested in buying. The advertisements are recycled from the brand’s existing commercials, and then users are sent into a quick trivia game about the product.

After the game, competitors are given a graduated discount that can range anywhere from 10 percent off to 80 percent off, with the ultimate winner getting the full discount available on that product. The discounts are represented in coins.

Users can redeem the coins/discount at any time they choose to purchase.

Gameit buys these products wholesale and helps brands create games around their advertisements, noting which parts of the ad to highlight and what types of questions to include in the quiz.

Cofounders Bryce Johnson and Tyler Hall explained that each product requires a certain number of people to make the discounts viable, but that during the private beta the company sees an average of 25 percent of total daily active users participate in a trivia competition. Most games last around eight days.

The idea here is that users are only shown advertisements about products they’ve already shown interest in, and the more they engage with the brand, the more they’re rewarded when they go to purchase that product.

Gameit is partnering with Travelzoo this summer to do a giveaway around travel discounts for users. Right now, the platform focuses on products that appeal to college students and moms, with items ranging from a PlayStation TV to Sur La Table BBQ sets.

The company says it averages two to three views per advertisement per user, with 6.8 million questions answered since launching the beta and an 18 percent conversation rate.