Spotify Shows Off Its New Video Clips And Features For Runners

Spotify announced the addition of video clips, adaptable songs for runners and other new features at an event earlier today. Afterwards, I met with Vice President of Product Charlie Hellman, who gave me a quick demo.

The video above should give you at least a glimpse of how the new features will work. Hellman also discussed why it made sense to add new content types to Spotify. It might seem a little strange for him to describe Spotify as “a music company at heart” when it’s adding video clips from NBC, ABC, CBS Radio, Vice News, Comedy Central and many more, but Hellman said:

It turned out when we got to know our users and their patterns a little bit better, they really enjoyed co-mingling music and other types of content throughout their day. When you think about it, it’s pretty natural. Terrestrial radio has been doing this for decades, interweaving news, entertainment and music all in the same stream.

Hellman added that as Spotify introduces exclusive video content, much of it will be connected to music in some way.