Spotify Inks Deal With Starbucks Tasking Customers With Picking In-Store Music

Spotify and Starbucks just announced a clever deal to promote Spotify Premium while giving Starbuck customers and employees the opportunity to influence the music played at their local Starbucks. This is the latest in a line of high-profile deals Spotify bagged that puts its brand in front of an important consumer demographic.

Soon baristas will be tasked with making coffee and picking the music in their locations.

The deal links Starbucks’ loyalty program with Spotify’s massive music ecosystem, giving My Starbucks Reward members unique access to Spotify. Program users will then be able to influence which songs makes it on in-store playlists.

The program starts with 150,000 U.S.-based Starbucks store employees who will receive a Spotify Premium membership in the fall. The plan is then to roll out the service to Starbucks customers shortly after.

Streaming music companies such as Spotify, Rdio and others are racing to differentiate themselves. Since most platforms offer similar music and experiences, the war is mostly in public relations. And Spotify is winning this part of the war signing deals to allow Uber riders to DJ from the backseat and getting the streaming service into BMW and Mini cars.

Starbucks has long associated itself with emerging music and this deal with Spotify pushes the coffee retailer (along with its legions of dedicated customers) into the age of streaming media.