Here’s Your First (Ridiculously Short) Look At The New Doom


Doom. The game that introduced an entire generation to the idea of using computers for more than spreadsheets, the game that set the bar in 1993… has had a rough couple of years.

The latest Doom game (the fourth in the series, though the publishers aren’t calling it “Doom 4”) has had one helluva ride. First announced in 2008, it’s spent the last seven years being made, scrapped, switched to a different publisher, and re-made in perpetuity.

2,567 days after it was first announced, it looks like it’s actually going to happen this time.

Bethesda and id have just released the first teaser trailer for the game.. and, well, “teaser” might be too kind a word. It’s more of a gif-with-sound, or a couple of screenshots that happen to move a little.

But that’s okay. It’s new Doom! And it’s actually, hopefully, maybe going to ship this time.

Look for more come June — that is, unless the game slips back into development hell and gets scrapped again.