Nintendo’s Mario Amiibo Gets The Silver Treatment

Nintendo knows a money-maker when it sees one, and its Amiibo interactive toys are just that. The figurines are getting special editions based on their early success, and the Silver Edition variant is the first-such collector-focused cash-in. The Mario – Silver Edition Amiibo is a bit reminiscent of Metal Mario, but this is a plastic figure similar to the existing versions, albeit with a metallic sheen thanks to a new paint job.

At least the color change doesn’t come with a price hike – this special edition has a suggested retail price of $12.99, which is inline with current pricing on standard figures – provided the market and scarcity doesn’t quickly drive the price up, the way it has with other such figures. Nintendo’s Amiibo figures have been in such demand, especially for toys that saw only smaller runs, that the company has issued a statement addressing buyer frustration at not being able to find the ones they want.

This silver edition is a sign that Nintendo is indeed intent on playing the collectible angle of these toys for all it’s worth, which is definitely understandable given Nintendo’s early foray into gaming centered on collectible cards, and its video game product history is dotted with limited releases.

With more tittles and features coming to consoles to support Amiibo, don’t expect the special edition train to stop chugging along anytime soon. I only hope they realize quickly what Apple fans already know: Gold is best.