YC’s Meadow Partners With Sidecar For Speedy Deliveries of All Your Medical Marijuana Needs

Meadow, a YC-backed startup in the medical marijuana space, is partnering with Sidecar to do quick medical marijuana deliveries throughout the city of San Francisco. It follows recent moves by much bigger companies like Google and Uber, which are diving headfirst into the delivery space with services like UberRush and Google Shopping Express.

The partnership with Sidecar will allow dispensaries throughout the city, which lack couriers, to quickly sign-up for a turnkey delivery system. Sidecar and Meadow will handle the drivers and logistics.

“This is the next step of creating a delivery solution for dispensaries that don’t have drivers or that want to scale their existing delivery network,” said Meadow CEO David Hua, who added that there are 28 dispensaries in the city. Only a few of them have actual drivers and delivery services.

Meadow’s first partner is The Apothecarium, which has been working with Meadow for several months already on the company’s original app.

When a patient places an order at The Apothecarium on Meadow, a Sidecar driver will get dispatched. All of the drivers will be card-holding medical marijuana patients who are also members of the dispensary. They’ll take the order, put it in a lockbox in the trunk of a car and deliver it within an hour.

This adds to Meadow’s existing suite of services. The startup also supports a program called CannabisMD, which does scheduled medical marijuana evaluations where the company will actually dispatch a doctor to your home for a consultation.