Apple Leads The Pack In Greenpeace’s 2015 Clean Tech Update

Apple continues to be a leader in environmental initiatives among tech companies, according to a new report issued by watchdog agency Greenpeace. Among the top 13 tech companies listed, Apple is the only one to score 100 percent on the Clean Energy Index, which includes all of its planned data centre expansions.

This past year, Apple has announced plans to build a new data HQ in Arizona, which will be powered by solar which Apple is helping bring on-line. The company also announced initiatives to expand its renewable energy plans to China earlier this week, and revealed plans to build green data centres in both Ireland and Denmark back in February.

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Apple also ranked above the rest as the only company to earn A grades across the board for transparency in its energy sources, commitment and policy around renewable energy, energy efficiency and migration, and renewable energy advocacy and deployment. No other company on the list achieved this, though Facebook managed three As and a B.

In a detailed look at Apple’s specific strategy, Greenpeace lauded its ramp up of environmental initiatives specifically in the last year. Part of the reason for the resounding support is that the organization says Apple’s commitment is driving change among its partners and among its data center operation peers and competitors, meaning it’s having a significant impact on the environmental picture as a whole.