Storm Ventures Locks Down $180M For Its New Fund

Storm Ventures has joined nearly every other startup capital entity in raising a new, larger fund. Storm’s fifth fund is a $180 million vehicle that the firm has stapled a new venture partner to.

As a group, Storm is known for its work with SaaS-focused companies. Its own Jason Lemkin, the other guest in the above segment, is something of a Bay Area uncle for SaaS, in that he has a habit of dishing tidbits about selling software on a subscription basis on Quora and other social services.

Storm joins NEA, IVP, Freestyle and others in locking down an expanded fresh fund. The impact of these sequentially larger funds isn’t hard to understand: The capital flowing into startups likely won’t slow. What sort of companies, and what stage of companies the money applies to is a separate question.

But what seems obvious is that the core substance that is allowing companies to invest — spend– heavily on quick growth is not only still in place, but growing. What is gravity, anyway, but a non-GAAP metric designed to degrade your dollar churn on a year-over-year basis.