Mobile Sales Startup Immediately Raises $2M

Immediately, a startup building mobile tools for salespeople, is announcing that it has raised $2 million in funding.

Here’s the pitch, from the funding release: “We believe the future of sales is not CRM, but a beautiful data­-driven, highly automated, and platform­-agnostic integrated sales experience.”

More specifically, the company says it helps salespeople manage their workflow — they can connect Immediately with their existing email and sales database accounts (including Google Apps and, then track their leads, detect when their emails are opened, log their phone calls and more.

The team started out working on email organization app SquareOne before deciding to focus specifically on sales with Immediately.

ReTargeter founder Arjun Dev Arora recently joined the team as co-founder and chief revenue officer.

Co-founder and CEO Branko Cerny said Immediately is now on-boarding its first pilot customers, including Tapsense, UserVoice, NatureBox, Spark Central, New Relic and ZenPayroll. In fact, ZenPayroll’s head of channel sales Saad Shahzad describes Immediately as “a beautifully designed mobile application that acts as a seasoned clairvoyant sales assistant for account executives.”

Investors include (deep breath) Streamlined Ventures, Maiden Lane, Galvanize VC, Queensbridge, Angelist CEO Naval Ravikant, Haroon Mokhtarzada, Friendster and Nuzzel founder Jonathan Abrams, TalentBin co-founder Peter Kazanjy, EdgeSpring co-founder Ryan Lange and HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes.