Google Ventures’ Bill Maris Says Uber Is The Fastest-Growing Company We’ve Ever Seen

On stage at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, Google Venture’s Bill Maris sat down with our own Alexia Tsotsis to dig into his firm’s investments and discuss whether Peter Thiel takes too many supplements in his quest to break the law banning life after 120 years.

Asked about Uber’s privacy flaps, Maris walked around the question by merely saying that it isn’t just the fastest-growing company that Google Ventures has invested in, but also that it is the fastest-growing company that his team has ever seen. Maris said that he felt “content” with what Uber is doing to sort the privacy question.

According to the venture capitalist, Google Glass is not dead. That matches what we’ve heard from others, as well.

Bill Maris google ventures

Shown a picture of himself standing next to two billionaires (Maris is not a billionaire, he made plain on stage) all three wearing Google Glass, Maris said that he is not “embarrassed” by the bets that Google has made. He couched that point in a standard riff concerning the need to take risks to move technology forward.

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On Google Ventures, Maris said that the group is still growing. The managing partner disclosed that Google Ventures had recently opened an office in London and hired four new partners.

On the topic of health, Maris downplayed talk about increasing lifespans that wasn’t grounded in science. He also said that it is possible that humans will cure cancer inside of a few generations. Perhaps Maris can team up with Chris Dixon to increase the distribution of Soylent.